1. objects considered strange or interesting because they are out of the ordinary, especially because they originated in a distant foreign country.

    Growing up, I was a very introverted and shy kid, and the older I was, the more isolated I became. As a first-generation Mexican American, I’ve had many challenges and inner demons I have had to face. 

    I had to learn who I was. 

    I never felt like I could fit in with most people or what has always been considered the common beauty standards. I explored many subcultures in an attempt to find my identity. 

    I realized very early on that makeup for me, was not something I purchased with an attempt to fit in or make myself look “pretty.”

    Makeup for me was Art - It opened so many different possibilities. I could create, transform and explore.

    I still remember the time I had my first job and received my first paycheck. I went and bought MAC’s Russian Red lipstick. Back in the day, MAC was the brand that every girl wanted to have. I did not make very much money, and there were more important things I could have spent my money on, but owning that lipstick was a creative investment for me.
    I had discovered Betty Page, Pin ups, Burlesque and all things Old Hollywood Glamour. I was deeply inspired by Dita Von Teese and needed to live my own pin-up makeup fantasy. 


    The one constant in my life has always been Art. Art continues to remain my savior and outlet when I am not feeling motivated. If I am not evolving and exploring something new, I am not living as my true self. 

    Makeup is beyond the superficial.
    Makeup is an everyday ritual. It represents evolution, culture, seduction, protest, history and more.
    It is the past, the now and future.

    Lip Exxotica is my interpretation of all these aspects of beauty and life. 
    Lip Exxotica is a celebration of individuality.  
    Lip Exxotica’s mission is to celebrate and represent women of color, outcasts, weirdos, scapegoats and anyone who has ever felt like an outsider. 

    -Diana, Founder of Lip Exxotica.